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Best practice for design tee shirts and its ultimate guide

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  • June 26, 2022

Best practice for design tee shirts and its ultimate guide. Before beginning your design process, you should consider your target audience. What is it that they have in common? If your audience is a part of a community, consider choosing relevant words or phrases that reinforce the theme of your shirt. Incorporating unique fonts or terms can be a work of art alone, paired with other elements. A few important considerations to consider before designing your shirt:

Color palette

A great t-shirt design requires a good color palette. Choosing a color that works well for your brand is important, but don’t forget to consider other factors. Your t-shirt should look stylish while also being comfortable to wear. For example, your brand’s logo or slogan must be legible, so consider choosing a serif typeface.

A monochromatic color scheme is also a good option if you want your design to look simple and elegant. It is also an effective way to simplify complicated procedures. Moreover, it seems clean, making it easier for people to use. Furthermore, it makes your design look simple and more likely to be worn again. So, if you are planning to use a monochromatic color palette, here are some tips for you.

Font style

If you’re looking for the perfect font style for your tee shirt design, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s a comprehensive guide to fonts to get you started. Choose a font style that suits your brand and your personality. A handwritten font has an authentic aesthetic, and you can download it free from Creative Fabrica. This font pairs well with your t-shirt design and allows you to let your imagination flow.

If you want a bold, masculine font, you can go with the Debrosee typeface. This serif font comes in various weights and conveys a sporty vibe. Its distinctive style makes it an ideal choice for t-shirt designs. Its thick and thin strokes can draw the eye, and its lettering is reminiscent of footballs.


Branding tee shirts give your customers a new and unique way to interact with your brand. Unlike digital advertising, branded tees are reusable and can help you cut through the clutter to build an authentic relationship with your fan base. Brand affinity is hard to achieve, and you’ll need to make multiple impressions to achieve it. To start building brand affinity, create a firm brand name.

Before you start designing your brand t-shirt, consider all your technical and marketing requirements. If you use a screen-printing process, make sure to consider the size, weight, and labeling options. Communicate these details to your designer, and consider your target market when selecting a design. If possible, run your design by various people – including key stakeholders and non-related people – to get feedback on its appearance. Often, people who are not intimately familiar with your company’s branding will spot things you missed.


When choosing the best raw materials for your tee shirts, a few sustainability best practices can make a big difference. One of these practices is picking cotton grown without pesticides or other chemicals. Another good practice is using recycled materials when possible. This means you can reduce the production waste and recycle it for future use. You can even choose third-party certified chemicals and dyes to help the environment.

First, look at the material used. Generally, virgin material has the greatest environmental impact, requiring huge amounts of water and resources. It is also the cheapest option. However, the cheapest tee shirts often have a higher environmental impact. Similarly, if you’re looking for sustainable clothing, consider choosing a product made from coal or bamboo. The production of these materials can be sourced locally, which benefits social and environmental sustainability.


There are several ways to cut costs when budgeting to design tee shirts. First, only order as many shirts as you need. That way, you’ll avoid having to pay rush fees, and you’ll also save money. The next step is to send your designs in a vector format. This is best done using the illustrator (.ai) format, reducing the cost per piece.

Next, look for free resources for the design. Getting pre-press proofs is essential for larger orders. These proofs will show you how your design will look on the shirt before it is printed. There are many hidden fees in the printing industry, so always read the small print before signing a contract. However, you can save money by creating the design or combining two ideas into a larger one. contact us

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