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1 How can I order a custom shirt for my business?

First, choose the garment or product you want to order custom shirts. Next, you can create your custom design or request a quote. After completing your design and selecting your garment, you can choose where the format should appear on your t-shirt or sweatshirt.

Four factors influence the cost of custom-printed shirts:

  • Which type of garment are you ordering?
  • How many clothes are you ordering?
  • How many places do you wish to print?
  • How many colors can be printed at each location?

Absolutely! Toll-free at 03075957134

Screen printing is the process of creating a stencil (also known as a screen) and using that screen to apply ink to the surface (in this case, apparel or promotional items). Each color is applied to a different screen to achieve the final look. A design with more pigments will require more screens and take longer to set up.

Screen printing uses thicker ink than digital Printing. This results in brighter colors even on darker shirts. Screen printing is the best choice for designs with a high degree of vibrancy or specialty products. Printees does not have minimum orders for screen printing. However, the price can be prohibitive for smaller quantities than six pieces. The per-piece cost of Printees is usually lower than Digital printing, but not always.

Digital printing is a newer process that involves your artwork being processed electronically and printed directly onto your product. Digital printing does not require a transfer. The ink is applied directly to your shirt's fabric. Digital printing allows you to print one design, as there are no screens and no physical setup.

The online shop displays the current stock in colors and sizes. Contact us to see if we have any of your favorite products in inventory.


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